AVITEC (Aviation Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electricals, Controls) (ISSN 2685-2381)

This journal is the scientific publications journal published by Department of Electrical Engineering, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Adisutjipto. It aims to promote and disseminate the research finding in the development of management theories and practices. It will provide a platform for academicians, researchers, and practitioners to share their experience and solution to problems in different areas of journal scopes. Every submitted paper will be blind-reviewed by at least two peer-reviewers. Reviewing process will consider novelty, objectivity, method, scientific impact, conclusion, and references.
Avitec is published twice a year in February and August. The AVITEC publishes full papers on original contributions within the general topics of:

  1. Aviation electronics: aircraft navigation, aircraft communication, aircraft electronic-system, aircraft electrical systems, and radar.
  2. Information technology: Software Engineering, Information System, Data Mining, Multimedia, Mobile Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphic, Computer Vision, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Games Programming, Internet of Thing
  3. Telecommunications: Modulation and Signal Processing, Information Theory and Coding, Antenna and Wave Propagation, Wireless and Mobile Communication, Radio Communication, Satellite Communication, Fiber Optic, Network, and System.
  4. Electricals: Power Generation and Distribution, Microelectronic System, VLSI Design, Biomedical Instrument, Embedded System, Communication Electronic, Optoelectronic.
  5. Controls: Robotics, Mechatronics, Instrumentation and Control.

But it is not limited to the section above.The language used in this journal articles is Indonesian or English. Submission of articles to be published on AVITEC through this web site by registering first. Articles sent must be in accordance with the applicable template. Articles that have gone through this editor stage will then be reviewed by AVITEC reviewers. Reviewers will provide an assessment and input for changes to the articles needed so that the article is published in AVITEC.


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Vol 1, No 1 (2019): Agustus 2019

Table of Contents


  Anantia Prakasa, Indra Permana Sophian
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.505   Abstract view : 38 times
  Paulus Setiawan
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.507   Abstract view : 29 times
  Angga Leo Anggara Krisna, Yenni Astuti, Denny Dermawan
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.480   Abstract view : 17 times
  Sidiq Wijanarko, Catur Budi Waluyo, Denny Dermawan
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.500   Abstract view : 18 times
  Ernando Rizki Dalimunthe, Freddy Kurniawan, Lasmadi Lasmadi
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.483   Abstract view : 30 times
  Puji Ristianto, Sunardi Sunardi
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.473   Abstract view : 16 times
  Janu Prasetyo, Sunardi Sunardi
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.502   Abstract view : 14 times
  Noor Fita Indri Prayoga, Yenni Astuti, Catur Budi Waluyo
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.492   Abstract view : 31 times
  AZ Uchrowi, Lasmadi Lasmadi, Sutjianto Soekarno
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.489   Abstract view : 16 times
  Arif Dwi Hidayat, Bambang Sudibya, Catur Budi Waluyo
 10.28989/avitec.v1i1.497   Abstract view : 23 times