The compiler is a scientific journal published by the Informatics department at the STTA. The first printed publication in 2012 with ISSN 2252-3839, issues were published twice in one year, May and November. In 2016, the Compiler has an ISSN On Line 2549-2403 number which is used for publishing online using the Open Journal System (OJS). Compilers to date have been indexed in the Science and Technology Index (SINTA), Garba Rujukan Digital (GARUDA), Bielefeld University Library (BASE), NELITI, Microsoft Academic, Crossref and Google Scholar with h-index = 3, in scholar metricDimension, Havard, and Worldcat. With the increase of Compiler status as an accredited journal in accordance with Decree number 21 / E / KPT / 2018 with rank S5 for issue of Volume 5 Number 1 in 2016 - Volume 9 Number 2 in 2020, the latest Journal Compiler template (starting with Volume 7 Number 2 2018) can be downloaded here (click).Submitting articles to be published in the Compiler through this web site by first registering, you can read the technical instructions on the right side menu of this web. If the article sent is not the same as the template, then the editor will reject or return it before being reviewed further. Articles that have passed this stage will then be reviewed by the reviewer. Reviewers will provide an assessment and give review for changes to the articles needed so that the article is published by the Compiler.

Information about article submission :

  1. Submission of articles published in May is sent no later than March 15
  2. Submission of articles published in November is sent no later than September 15
Noted : If the article is corresponding with the applicable template, then the next process that is a review for two weeks



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COMPILER Journal with  P-ISSN: 2252-3839 and E-ISSN: 2549-2403 is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes articles dedicated to Mathematics and Statistics, Algorithms and Programming, Intelligent Systems, Software engineering, Computer Architecture, Distributed System, Electronics and Embedded Systems , Data and Information Management, Information Systems, Enterprise System and Flight Simulator.

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Vol 8, No 2 (2019): November

[Accredited as S5 with number 21 /E /KPT /2018]

Table of Contents

Computer Network

  Arief Ikhwan Wicaksono, Chanief Budi Setiawan
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.525   Abstract view : 23 times

Information Systems

  Nur Hidayati, Muhammad Fachrie, Adityo Permana Wibowo
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.499   Abstract view : 102 times
  Sita Dewi Kusumaningrum, Hari Setiaji, Wildan Maulana
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.532   Abstract view : 40 times

Algorithms and Programming

  Arif Budiman, Paradise Paradise
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.481   Abstract view : 86 times
  Haruno Sajati, Anggraini Kusumaningrum, Nur Hanifah
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.538   Abstract view : 35 times

Intelligent System

  Mutaqin Akbar, Arita Witanti, Indah Susilawati
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.455   Abstract view : 112 times
  Adri Priadana
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.514   Abstract view : 64 times

Software engineering

  Yulius Nahak Tetik, Friden Elefri Neno, Dony Ariyus
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.471   Abstract view : 102 times
  Yuliani Indrianingsih, Haruno Sajati, Bayu Sugara
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.519   Abstract view : 52 times

Flight Simulator

  Dwinny Puspa Dinar Saputri, Dwi Nugraheny
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.521   Abstract view : 29 times
  Muhammad Irfan, Nurcahyani Dewi Retnowati, Bangga Dirgantara Adiputra
 10.28989/compiler.v8i2.523   Abstract view : 31 times